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  • Martha Lane Fox urges Government towards Digital Revolution

    23 November 2010 - Connecting Bristol

    In her role as Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox has called for Government to take radical and revolutionary steps to ensure that it becomes easier to access government services and make payments over the internet. In a report to Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maud she highlighted the inefficient and bureaucratic nature of many DirectGov services, and [...]

  • Come chat to us at Online Information 2010

    23 November 2010 - Blog

    23 November 2010 -

    Using only the natural resonance of wood and no electronics, KOOSTIK amplifies the volume output of your iPhone acoustically up to 4 times, through specially designed sound channels and hemispherical sound chambers that create rich, dynamic and natural, acoustic amplification. OK, so if you’re into loud Heavy Metal at high volume or bangin’ [...]

  • Avraham Cornfeld

    22 November 2010 -

    Liking very much the work of Israeli designer, Avraham Cornfeld especially the POST:POSTER series. Share/Bookmark This

  • Thursday Evening at the Shop

    22 November 2010 - dorkbot bristol

    We’ll be doing more hacking on Drawbot projects at the shop, 100 Stokes Croft, this Thursday evening (25th Nov) from 7pm. Huss has got the coin acceptor mechanism to function, so that’s one thing to work on. I’ll bring the plotter again and have a go at some more interactive drawing programs. Russ has offered [...]

  • Robby the Robot

    22 November 2010 -

    The best robot evvahh..!  When it comes to robots, he IS the Daddy. Share/Bookmark This

  • ‘Republic of Letters’ in R / Custom Widgets for Second Screen TV navigation trails

    22 November 2010 - danbri's foaf stories

    As ever, I write one post that perhaps should’ve been two. This is about the use and linking of datasets that aid ’second screen’ (smartphone, tablet) TV remotes, and it takes as a quick example a navigation widget and underlying dataset that show us how we might expect to navigate TV archives, in some future [...]

  • Net neutrality – Government minister ‘misinterpreted’

    22 November 2010 - Bristol Wireless - community IT services, help and training in your aerial
    To some people network neutrality may seem an esoteric subject, but it’s absolutely vital for the way modern information technology functions. Last Wednesday, Government minister Ed Vaizey told the FT World Telecoms Conference that ISPs could soon be allowed to … Continue reading
  • More Things Going On At The Shop

    20 November 2010 - dorkbot bristol

    We’ll be at the shop, 100 Stokes Croft, again this Saturday (20th November). We start setting up when Kaspar arrives to open up at 11:00, then open to the public at mid-day. We’ll carry on until 4pm or thereabouts. The Sketchy robot will be in operation, as will the plotter and the other drawing gadgets.

  • Brug next Thursday, 26 of November

    19 November 2010 - Bristol Ruby User Group Google Group
    Hi everyone,
    Brug is going to take place in Jiva next week.
    Yet, no talk are planned, but it would awesome if the maximum of you guys
    could be in as we want to talk about the future of this group for next year.
    If some of you want to plan some talks, it's more than welcome :)
    So, who is in?
  • FREE EVENT: Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, Talks in Bristol

    18 November 2010 - Connecting Bristol

    Wikipedia at 10: Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikimedia talks in Bristol about its development and future plans 13 January 2011 12.00-13.00 – Victoria Rooms, University of Bristol #wikibris In association with Bristol Festival of Ideas, Connecting Bristol, Bristol City Council, BBC Anchor Trust and Wikimedia UK: a special event to mark 10 years of Wikipedia with the [...]

  • Designing for humans the IDEO way: A parable from Palo Alto

    18 November 2010 - Thought Den

    A credit card that rounds all your spending up to the nearest dollar and automatically puts the difference into your savings account. "Keep the change" is a neat little idea that lead to hundreds of thousands of new accounts being opened at Bank of America. How to make recycling more fun ...

  • Wales in port

    18 November 2010 - Bristol Wireless - community IT services, help and training in your aerial
    An email’s arrived from Steve Virgin of Wikimedia UK to say that Jimmy Wales, the man behind Wikipedia, is coming to Bristol on 13th January 2011. He’ll be appearing at the Victoria Rooms (map) on that day between 12.00 and … Continue reading
  • Plone Conference 2010 - The Numbers

    18 November 2010 - Blog
  • EVENT: Google’s Big Business Breakfast

    18 November 2010 - Connecting Bristol

    Google is offering small businesses in Bristol the chance to create their own website at a breakfast event tomorrow (Friday 19 November). As many as 1.5 million businesses in the UK do not have a website. Many businesses are not yet online because they see it as too costly, too complicated or not necessary, [...]